Why do i have quotas?

I have subscribe to the “premier” Plan and it says i have unlimited monthly quotas, so why do i have DAILY quotas on the vpn i need to use ?? can you explain please

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Kindly let us know which server that you are mentioning that have daily quota.

i can show you : http://img11.hostingpics.net/pics/309361quotas.png

and there is some other that are monthly quotas, but on your PLAN description it says infinit/mb/month … so i dont get it

Quota limitation on Asia servers is to avoid abuse and account sharing. If you finished your quota on a particular server, you can select another server and connect.

Currently our Singapore servers is enough for monthly usage as it is more than 300GB

it doesn’t change the fact that, i’m paying for unlimitted access like your description is saying and in the end it is not unlimitted.

I’m lazy to open a new thread. clearly ur terms n conditions is hidden from the payment page. on that particular page its written unlimted usage for premier but clearly that is not the case. as it is, I’m kind of having a feeling its false advertising. unless of course on ur payment page you stated clearly that it is not unlimited.

I have subscribe to 4 months premier on 1 January 2019 but it’s now saying I exhausted my quota and I changed my API and I did not change anything, what does this mean?