What is This All USA And Other Server Location are Fake Location Colombia

what is this i buy 7 day premium plane for test before buy full year plane ur all locations is not original all are fake location all USA server Connect with Colombian ip address and some other country server also use same Colombian ip address what is this Stop to Making People Fool And Solve This Issue.

Hi sir,

There must be some mistake in your methodology for identifying the IP address/location.

Here’s are some of our test with our US server.

Los Angeles 01

Las Vegas 01

Texas 01

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Dear Respected Sir i know u show this test and it’s 100% right but this app show ur ip location same usa but google always tell right location if we r using a right country ip google alway tell right location but if we r using a wrong ip mean if we r using dallas server ipipip.net and what is my ip .com tell the location is dallas but when we open youtube youtube and google tell the location country is colombo and google is 100% right not Wrong if u think google tell wrong then why when i use my country isp google tell me it’s my country then why why google not show me other country ? if u think,
so pls sir test on google and if in ur side google tell right location then pls tell me how i solve this issue on ur vpn i use other compny vpns and all tell right location on google.com youtube.com and ipipip.net whtismyip.com and other tell same location witch vpn provider provide us.