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hello i’am a new member i want Local port number fo Côte d’ivoire (ivory cost)


Hello.Am Michael from Kenya.vpn is really great but am having problem with my account.It is using all my data within a minute when am connected to vpn.please help what could be the problem?


Hola buenos días desde colombia… Mi nombre es daniel un gusto estar aqui, me gustaría saber si alguien de mi país esta presente para que me pueda ayudar muchas graciaa


hi buddy…from the same country, same problem, eating all my internet even after subscribing for the 25gb a month… so have you been sorted?


انا محمد علي احب اشترك معكم شرلي


انا محمد علي اشترك معكم شرف لي وشكرأ


hello maik from Africa


Hi guys. Im new here.
Currently looking for a way to use this VPN for my PS4 console.
If u guys have any guide/tips, I would really appreciate it. Thanks! :smiley:



Unfortunately PS4 doesn’t support OpenVPN, however there’s a workaround for this. You could buy a small router that support OpenVPN and setup FinchVPN on that router. Then connect your PS4 to that router.


Bro…dekat mana nak cari seller finchvpn


Officially available here https://www.finchvpn.com/pricing

Reseller are listed here https://www.finchvpn.com/reseller


Hello everyone everywhere


hola amigo…soy nuevo en este vpn y no se como ordenar los pagos


Hi all, Nice to meet all of you. :laughing::laughing:


Hi All FinchVPN forumers,
My name is Helob and I am a new subscriber.
I am sure I will learn a lot from this forum and hope to contribute later on.
Feel greet to join you guys


my name is abiodun… i am having issue with my finch account because have paid since day before yesterday and have not been approved


Hello am gimba sani nice meeting this group


Nice 1
You are welcome


Payment have made but subscription not activated. pls help


Hi, i’m tails2256, using free finchvpn for about 2 years now, i am goeing to purchase a plan!

see you