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Hey Guys :slight_smile: My name is Alex, glad to be a part of this community.


Welcome! You are the 1st user to post reply on FinchVPN Discuss, we are still working on the forum content. Stay tune more content in future :smile:


hello! i’m a guy from eastern europe; they blocked popular poker sites in my country, and i now looking for a tunnel :P; found you, guys - nice service; looking forward to learn more about you!


hey i m Max .an engineering college student and i am using vpn to play online game which my college has blocked. great service finch vpn


Hello everyone, I am a student lived in malaysia…

I must admit my country ISP is really suxxx, the bandwidth connection is really expensive
and they throttle the p2p download and upload speed :frowning: :frowning:

I been using this service for a 3 month now… and I am very satisfied because it gains back
my full download speed on torrent. :smile: :smile:

well made design, displayed full server status & fast connecting to servers.
1 thing that been missing is a speed log, I usually wanna see a graph of speed x time like
most of vpn i used before… but so far, this is the best & cheapest vpn.
very recommended & well done.

Thank you very much.


Hey guys, sup? i tried Pro plan for 1 month, worked amazing! so i sticked with 3 months of Premier plan, so far support is brilliant, very responsive support ticket, in less than 6 hours! YUP!! Really amazing! Another thing is, server status to see which servers are online and offline. I Live in Sweden, i choose Sweden server but speed on that server is a bit slow now (4 - 9mbits), for now its slow, other than that it has been fast always. FinchVPN features a big list to choose different servers if one server is slow, so i switched to United Kingdom 2 server, and getting 20-30mbits speed (stable speed), but sometimes i get more speed, up to 40-50mbits, this corresponds around 4mb/s - 5mb/s, so far amazing VPN! Highly recommended anyone :smile:


hello i’am a new member i want Local port number fo Côte d’ivoire (ivory cost)


Hello.Am Michael from Kenya.vpn is really great but am having problem with my account.It is using all my data within a minute when am connected to vpn.please help what could be the problem?


Hola buenos días desde colombia… Mi nombre es daniel un gusto estar aqui, me gustaría saber si alguien de mi país esta presente para que me pueda ayudar muchas graciaa


hi buddy…from the same country, same problem, eating all my internet even after subscribing for the 25gb a month… so have you been sorted?


انا محمد علي احب اشترك معكم شرلي


انا محمد علي اشترك معكم شرف لي وشكرأ


hello maik from Africa


Hi guys. Im new here.
Currently looking for a way to use this VPN for my PS4 console.
If u guys have any guide/tips, I would really appreciate it. Thanks! :smiley:



Unfortunately PS4 doesn’t support OpenVPN, however there’s a workaround for this. You could buy a small router that support OpenVPN and setup FinchVPN on that router. Then connect your PS4 to that router.


Bro…dekat mana nak cari seller finchvpn


Officially available here https://www.finchvpn.com/pricing

Reseller are listed here https://www.finchvpn.com/reseller


Hello everyone everywhere


hola amigo…soy nuevo en este vpn y no se como ordenar los pagos