Slowness in VPN speed after reconnected

Hii I use Micromax dongle with 7.2 mbps, I use openvpn config. After downloading 60 mb it got disconnected. Then I connected once again, I noticed there is a bandwidth reduction to 72kbps which is humiliating for a premium user.

Please guide me the way to get maximum speed. I live near Kolkata,India.



Are you trying to get free Internet? Please read this topic.

We do not limit VPN speed on our side, it’s highly resulted from the throttling implemented by your ISP.

Hi sir @FinchVPN i have free account which im successfully and my location is philippines and im planning to upgrade if im satisfied your service and im connected in canada vpn but my problem is very slow internet connection which is

Download Speed HELP 0.59 Mbps (73.5 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed HELP 0.11 Mbps (13.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Latency HELP 220 ms
Jitter HELP 5721 ms

pls assist me

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Me too,so slow after connect to vpn.change to other server slow too.or my ISP verry slow??