Problems in setting up Finch on Linux Mint 18

I wonder why I wasted my money by purchasing a 3 months premier subscription knowing very well that my first time brush with Finch was very problematic. I have been trying to set up Finch on OpenVPN and when I try to “import a saved VPN configuration” and click on downloaded ubuntu ovpn file, I ge the message

"The file FinchVPN_EU_Netherlands_05_tcp_53_ubuntu.ovpn’ could not be read or does not contain recognized VPN connection information

Error: the plugin does not support import capability."

This happens if I click on any server ovpn file. 5 days have already lapsed and I have not been able to use my subscription.


The newer Network Manager unfortunately do not work well with OpenVPN. That’s not an issue with FinchVPN but the Network Manager from gnome system itself.

The current way to connect to OpenVPN is to connect via terminal by running such command.
sudo openvpn /path/that/you/save/the/openvpn/file/FinchVPN.ovpn

Replace the path to where you save the downloaded configuration.

Not a very convincing reply. What your reply means to me is that the Finch team has not been able to deal with Linux Mint 18. Any way no point in discussing wasted money.