How to use FinchVPN on a chromebook?

Just wondering how this could be done…since chromebooks have their own OS. I am sort of a noob so any help would be appreciated,

I never user chrome OS before but I don’t think you can openvpn nor the Finchvpn application but but try to see if your chromebook has a pptp option on it is so maybe you can get finch to work with the chrome OS

its a school Chromebook…meaning there’s a ton of locks, admin restrictions, and obviously web filters. So technically I dont think I can install a separate OS or else I’d get suspended probably. Thats why I was trying to use a vpn but I dont know how.

OK kool I understand well try to see if you can find the pptp opention you don’t need to install anything pptp

You should be able to set up OpenVPN – no problem. Only annoyance is you’d have to set up one connection per VPN server.