Having some difficulty with torrenting

Sometimes my torrents just stop, or just stop downloading, or can’t find peers… And so on.

So I have played with TCP and UDP and various ports, and things only seem to get worse.

I also saw there is PPTP and also SSH VPN…

I’m a bit confused now, which is best for secure torrenting?



Usually the VPN doesn’t affect much on the torrent downloading, may I know which server did you connected to?

Netherlands 1, 3, 4 and 6 I think?

Right now trying SSH VPN on Netherlands 01…

Basically I think I am having a big problem with incoming connections…

Any advice you can offer? I’m really having trouble here…

Incoming connection usually doesn’t affect the downloading of a torrent. Are you able to connect to UDP protocol of FinchVPN?

It all seems to be working fine now… SSH VPN did not work correctly on Netherlands 01, however.


Glad to hear it is now working for you. In any case we had tested the SSH VPN on Netherlands 01 and it is working fine.
Could you try again and provide us the connection log if it’s not working?