[Guide] How to use Anti DPI or SOCKS VPN on iOS

Unfortunately Anti DPI does not work on iOS, you will need to use SOCKS VPN,
which will be slower than Anti DPI and normal connection method.

After you have downloaded your iOS TCP 443 config file before you import to your iOS, you need to edit it using any text editor.

Please note that, not all servers support SOCKS VPN.


  1. Download iOS TCP 443 config file
  2. Open the config file with text editor
  3. Server IP change to

Before you change the server IP, please remember the IP address, because you will need it at REPLACE_SERVER_IP_HERE, example remote 443 change to remote 443

  1. Below the config file add this two lines

socks-proxy REPLACE_SERVER_IP_HERE 112

it will looks like

socks-proxy 112
Please DO NOT use the IP address in your config, this is just an example.

  1. Done, now you can import FinchVPN config file to your OpenVPN client

Sample: http://pastebin.com/7cNjmU2n (This is sample)