[Deprecated] Why am I keep getting disconnected from VPN?

If you keep getting disconnection problem on your device, please read the possible reasons below.

  • You are connected to VPN with more than 1 device using the same account.
    Solution: Please do not share you account to other users, make sure that you only connect one server at a time. If you believe someone is using your account, please change your password and your API Key.
  • Your device is turning off your data/network temporary when you are idle to save your battery.
    Solution: Check your settings/app, if you are using battery saver app, please disable them. We recommend you to use WiFi connection while using VPN.
  • Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) / carrier is interfering with the VPN connection.
    Solution: Some ISP are causing the disconnection of VPN if you are trying to use VPN to get free/unlimited internet illegally. Please contact your ISP for more information.
  • Your network station is congested or signal is not strong.
    Solution: Normally internet speed in your area tends to slow in the morning/afternoon compare in midnight due to the large amount of users in your area connected to the internet. We recommend you to do your downloading at midnight. Furthermore if your WiFi/Data is shared with others user or being throttled, you will get disconnected due to timeout.