[Deprecated] How to order FinchVPN plan via local bank payment (Malaysia)

  1. Proceed to https://www.finchvpn.com/pricing and select the plan that you would like to order.

  1. Click convert to other currencies if it’s not showing MYR.

  1. Select MYR as the new currency.

  1. Select the period of subscription you would like to order, subscription is one-off and non-recurring.

  1. Click on proceed to payment.

  1. Select “Bank Transfer - Malaysia”

  1. Select either bank for payment, after payment click on “Submit Payment Details”

  1. Back to invoice page, click “Submit Payment Detail” again.

  1. Fill up the details according and click “Submit Payment Detail”

Now your payment had completed, you may wait for it to be approved by our staff or send an email to support[@]finchvpn.com and mention the Invoice ID for more information.