[Deprecated] How to obtain VPN log for FinchVPN

What is log?

In software engineering, logging is record information about a program’s execution. This information is typically used by programmers for debugging purposes, and additionally, depending on the type and detail of information contained in a trace log, by experienced system administrators or technical support personnel and software monitoring tools to diagnose common problems with software.

What is contained in VPN log? What is the purpose?

VPN log contains connection attempts, error details, reason why you are not able to connect, etc, VPN log will allow us to debug your issue more quickly and accurate.

Does it contain sensitive personal information?

No, there is no sensitive personal information contained in VPN log, all log information is stored on your computer. There is no information stored on FinchVPN server.

How can I obtain the FinchVPN/VPN log?

FinchVPN for Windows:

OpenVPN for Android:

OpenVPN for Windows: