[Deprecated] Can FinchVPN connect on my phone/device that has no load or credit?

Before you connect to VPN, you need to make sure that you are able to visit websites or download any files, you will not be able to connect to VPN without using your data pack/your network quota.

We are aware that there is some group of users are using VPN to trick the ISP to get unlimited free Internet, if you are using VPN to exploit these loophole, well we are not saying it’s illegal to use it with VPN, but we will not be responsible if your ISP patched that in future.

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Can FinchVPN connect on my phone/device that has no load or credit?

Short Answer: No, since VPN needs an internet connection to work, If you do not have a load or an internet plan then this means that your phone cannot connect to the internet.

Long Answer: FinchVPN can sometimes connect on some ISPs even without load or your ISP won’t deduct anything on your load. That is possible because if your ISP has a loophole on their network or they are having a maintenance which enables your device to use the internet even if they do not have any airtime,load,balance or active internet plan on their mobile phone. Some ISPs only monitors certain traffic and destination ports of your connection to know if you are using your internet connection or not.

For example is if your ISP inadvertently opened a port that is not monitored for accounting purposes. The most common open port is UDP port 53, this port is used by DNS servers. DNS is used in resolving hostnames to their numerical IP addresses. Like in ICMP most ISPs also freely allows you to send UDP packets on that port without charging you since this port is normally only used to resolve domain names. Now when your ISP starts monitoring that port then you wont be able to tunnel on that port for free.

Additional question: Is there anything I can do to prevent my ISP from deducting my load?

Answer: You can find a new open port or tricks that your ISP is not monitoring. If you cannot find a new port then there is nothing you can do if they started deducting your load since they(Your ISP) are the one responsible if they will charge you or not. If they closed the port you are using then there is no way you can bypass that since that is already set in their firewall which you and even us have no access to.

You might ask, What is VPN? Why do I need it?

Take a look at this video to help you in better understanding what is VPN :wink:

What is the cons if I’m connected with no load/balance or credits?

You might experience slower internet speed compare with normal VPN users.
Your cellular/Internet Service Provider might patch the loophole soon in future.
If you are connected using TCP, your speed will be slower than users which are using UDP