Connection refused


Hello everyone. Please what’s wrong with my account. I got a notification this morning saying Connection refused by server. I still have an active plan


You are not alone, my account is new and I could not connect at the moment. I think the best is to notify support for the latest development so as for them to speedy up the rectification.


Hi guys

Same issue here.
This morning, i can’t connect to the free server, and my quota is OK


Mine too but I have sent an e-mail to the support but no reply


Every Premium user is facing same issue. I have raised the ticket also.


I have the same problem already happened to me like to time I wait almost two months for start working again this is a piece of crap


What happened the new subscription of a month? Would they refund or extend validity due to none usage caused by them?


Same here O…I even renewed my subscription but still is not connecting


Please someone should reply to us…


seriously how has no one from the support team addressed this issue yet


What the hell is happening my finch isn’t connecting please fix this issues for us asap


Hey guys!. The issue has been resolved. Just got a reply from them