#3: New feature released, apps updated, unlimited or free internet, Bestari

For the last two weeks we have been working hard on something new and we didn’t have any updates for that weeks, so here is our third edition of weekly updates

If you missed the previous update about Anti DPI and Rotating IP, you can read it here.

In summary:

Anti DPI - FinchVPN Anti DPI will attempts to circumvent censorship, by transforming the OpenVPN traffic fingerprint to looks like innocent data packets, so that DPI will not able to detect you are using OpenVPN.

Rotating IP (The Onion Ring) - You will be connecting to FinchVPN onion server. Your VPN IP address will be automatically changed every 1-5 minutes.

SOCKS VPN - Socket Secure (SOCKS) is an Internet protocol that routes network packets between a client and server through a proxy server. It will tunnel FinchVPN connection over SOCKS proxy.

At last latest version of Windows and Android app made it to public with new feature and improvement, you can view the detailed change-log below of this post.

Nothing much changed, but we added Indian Rupee, Turkish Lira, Azerbaijani New Manat estimated currency conversion to https://www.finchvpn.com/pricing/

We are planning to have more guides and implement an affiliate system in coming weeks.

Unlimited or free internet - Unable to connect to VPN (Turkey, Vietnam, Guatemala, Chile, Colombia)
Before you connect to VPN, you need to make sure that you are able to visit websites or download any files, you will not be able to connect to VPN without using your data pack/your network quota.

We are aware that there is some group of users are using VPN to trick the ISP to get unlimited free Internet, if you are using VPN to exploit these loophole, well we are not saying it’s illegal to use it with VPN, but we will not be responsible if your ISP patched that in future. However we will try our best to provide a workaround for you.

If you can’t download FinchVPN android app, you still can download at http://goo.gl/FgOPvw

Please read Can FinchVPN connect on my phone/device that has no load or credit? to get more information about this.

If you are using Bestari, we recommend you to use Anti DPI.

Windows (Version 3.1.3)

  • Bypass strict firewall with Anti DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) and SOCKS VPN
  • Added extra helpful information for connection problem in the log
  • Added the ability to re-install TAP adapter from the client
  • Fix PPTP fail to start if the folder path contain empty space
  • Remove WiFi hotspot from the client
  • Automatically remove unneeded empty space from custom config
  • User interface and experience improvement
  • Updated OpenVPN and OpenSSL
  • Fixed issue with PPTP in 3.1.2, and SOCKS VPN in 3.1.3
  • and more!

Android (Version 1.2.0 Build 17)

  • Added support for android lollipop 5.0
  • Material Design even for pre-5.0 devices
  • Bypass strict firewall with Anti DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) and SOCKS VPN
  • Added extra helpful information for connection problem in the log
  • More languages added
  • User interface and experience improvement
  • Updated OpenVPN
  • Automatically remove “resolv-retry infinite” from custom config to avoid user from draining their own battery went proxy/internet when down.
  • Fix a bug that occur on Asus devices
  • Fixed crashes and bugs
  • and lots of improvement!

We will roll out another update for android app few days after the release of 1.2.0 to address some bugs. if you found any typo/grammar error or missing translation, please help us fix it before the next release https://crowdin.com/project/finchvpn/invite :slight_smile:

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#2: Giveaways, Anti Deep Packet Inspection, Rotating IP and upcoming updates

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Cant get through bestari using anti Dpi

Can you provide us your VPN log?

I already pm it on fb

How to config in Airtel… plz tell me