#1: Discussion Forum, New VPN locations, guide and updates

From now on we will have our weekly summary of what’s happening inside out of FinchVPN published on every Sunday.

FinchVPN Discuss
Have question regrading VPN? Discuss directly with us and the community - https://discuss.finchvpn.com , there’s some topics and guides over there, go ahead and check them out.

VPN Server
We recently deployed new India and Vietnam VPN server, beside that we added another Los Angles (LA-04) VPN server which have Asia Optimized IP address.

We’ve removed Chile 01 due to low usage, but don’t worry you still able to connect to Chile 03.

We are working hard on FinchVPN android app and windows software, with couple of bug fixes and improvement, we will be releasing it as soon as it’s ready.

There’s a little cosmetic changes for FinchVPN main website, we have removed the as-old-as-your-grandfather’s slider, the homepage will now load faster and also we’ve improved the server status page as well.

Beside that, we’ve also improved the security for the FinchVPN login page to avoid user from brute-forcing, plus now you also can reset your password using your username.

Our official reseller directory also have a slight improvement where it now allow user to look up for reseller by country of the reseller.

Good news for Ubuntu users, we updated our Ubuntu guide with more updated detailed information and we also fixed the long broken .ovpn OpenVPN config generator for Ubuntu/Linux system.

i love FinchVPN .it is good VPN app

why it is saying that u could not register any account

hi .WHO CAN HELP TO ME ? I installed finch vpn to my pc,then registered,but i can not find azerbaijan server for internet connection